A Glimpse Into 1835

A log cabin from 1835 that once housed Nicholas Barker, his wife, and their 11 children remains as a treasured piece of Westfield’s history. The cabin was donated to Westfield Washington Historical Society in 2020 after it was discovered more than a century later. After extensive conversation by the Westfield City Council, the members voted in favor of preserving the cabin to promote education in the community.

A key aspect in preserving the cabin was ensuring a sustainable and quality foundation. When the team at Custom Concrete heard about the community need, they came ready to serve. A cabin that once sat on only 5 big rocks now lays on a stronger, more durable concrete foundation. The foundation will support ongoing efforts to reconstruct the cabin located by City Hall.

Since Nicholas Barker is believed to have been involved in the Underground Railroad, the cabin will serve primarily as an educational tool. While the cabin will primarily focus on education, it will also serve as a welcoming center, a meeting place, and place to see Santa in the winter months. The hope of reconstruction is to bring a piece of history to the community. The cabin is a tangible glimpse into the lives of our ancestors all those years ago.