Safety is one of the biggest concerns in the construction industry. There are protocols, training, and drills to ensure our team is equipped to handle these crucial situations. Our team is also equipped with certified individuals, such as Brandon Foster. Brandon is our Corporate Safety Coordinator, who works diligently to ensure safety standards are continuously being improved and implemented within our crews.

Brandon recently received his ASP, Associate Safety Professional, certification! Brandon was encouraged and supported by his fellow teammates to strive towards a growing education. While receiving his ASP certification, he will continue to expand his education and prepare him for new challenges as they arise, the ASP is a steppingstone towards a career goal.

Brandon hopes to be able to eventually run an in-house OSHA training program along with providing other safety training opportunities within Custom Concrete. After many hours of studying and prepping for the ASP certification exam, Brandon is one step closer to achieving his dreams.

Thank you for being a vital part of our team and ensuring our crews come home safely.