Our team has qualified for the ABC 2023 STEP Platinum Award for the first time in history. The platinum award is the highest level of recognition you can earn through STEP, a world-class safety management program.

This year our team was challenged to make additional safety adjustments to lower our recordable injuries. We partnered with Ascension St. Vincent to create a more accessible walk-in clinic, which helped get our employees the quick care they need. Overall, reducing our safety incident rate by a staggering 25%, making Custom Concrete 619% safer than the industry average!

Earning a safety standard of this magnitude takes effort on all fronts. Our safety team provides consistent reminders through weekly discussions, training sessions, and on-the-job supervision. Meanwhile, our crews work diligently to keep one another accountable to make certain their teammates come home safely each day.

For the upcoming year, our team plans to roll out a stretch and flex program assisted by American Health and Wellness. We are hopeful this new program will be a tool for injury prevention and will continue to lower our recordable injury rate.

To read more about STEP award qualifications and program benefits, please visit abcstep.org/#about.