Jason Ells featured on Gut + Science Podcast

Last month, Senior Vice President Jason Ells spoke with Gut + Science podcast host Nikki Lewallen on becoming a destination employer. It’s something Custom Concrete has been focused on for 3 years now and Jason is very passionate about equipping our team with the tools and access to services they need to grow and thrive at Custom Concrete. From wellness coaching and financial literacy classes to our company app that has greatly impacted internal communication and employee engagement, Jason had a lot to share with Nikki on-air.

Nikki: “So you know plus science is all about helping leaders move the needle on employee engagement. So, first step: how do you define employee engagement and why are you so passionate about it?”

Jason: “…If we can create that in our in our company, a high stakes winnable game for our people, and they know what good looks like and they know how to achieve it. I think you have engagement when they understand the purpose and they are emotional about it. They’ve emotionally bought into it. Then they will provide services and products that move the company forward…These engaged employees, when they’re showing up at Custom Concrete and giving their very best…I think they just care. I think there’s a there’s a certain attitude about them that it’s more than just a paycheck.”

To hear all of Jason and Nikki’s conversation, visit the Gut + Science website or download the podcast from iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.