BBG Construction has been serving construction needs in central Indiana for the past 10 years. Custom Concrete and BBG Construction partner because they both strive to meet the same goal, creating a quality final product for their customers. Ben Davis, Owner of BBG Construction says,

“It all starts with the foundation because if the foundation is inaccurate the rest of the house will be incorrect.”

Custom Concrete ensures accuracy through a tool known as the “Billion Points of Light.” The “Billion Points of Light” captures billions of data points that are then pulled into an AutoCAD, which allows our team to create 3-D renderings.

The “Billion Points of Light” allows our team to figure out the logistics of the build, regardless of how complicated the project may seem. Here’s how it works. A laser scanning tool captures the details of the lot. Using that information, the team can digitally review the intricate workings of the foundation one-on-one with the builder.

While the “Billion Points of Light” is an incredible tool to preview what the foundation will look like, it also allows for adjustments to be made easily. BBG utilized the “Billion Points of Light” to execute a complicated walk-out basement. BBG said,

“It’s a funky lot with a unique slope, so the Billion Points of Light was a tremendous help in figuring out (the logistics of building the foundation while) still getting the pretty golf course view.”

This beautiful walkout basement will be featured in the 2022 Home-A-Rama at Chatham Hills in September and October.

Have a complicated basement that could utilize the “Billion Points of Light?” Contact our residential team.

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