We are thrilled to share a special project that takes concrete to new heights, defies conventional limitations, and embraces the concept of infinite possibilities. Our commercial team completed a unique slab, in Whiteland Indiana, and it is not your typical commercial slab.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this project is its sheer size and scale. Spanning an impressive 135,000 square feet, this warehouse required an astounding 3,400 cubic yards of concrete. The project required meticulous planning and precision, culminating in a seamless collaboration between our commercial team and our valued industry partners. The team completed the large placement pours over a 6-day period.

At the heart of any concrete structure lies its strength, and this slab took it to a whole new level. We prioritized durability and longevity by incorporating a wide joint spacing of 108 feet to reduce the maintenance cost of floor joints. Reinforcing these 108 feet squares was a staggering total of 102,00 pounds of zinc-coated micro rebar and curing the floor internally with nano-silica admixture. This innovative combination of materials resulted in a slab with unparalleled strength and resilience.

This fantastic job was not done alone. Our team is grateful for our esteemed partners who played an integral role in conquering this project. Featured partners include GDI, American Structure Point, Shelby Materials. Helix Steel, Specification Products, and CRT Consulting.