The Foundation for Quality Custom Homes

Custom home builders offer home owners a one-of-a-kind residence, from taller ceilings to larger rooms. And, for decades, Custom Concrete has worked alongside custom home builders throughout central Indiana to make dreams and blueprints come to life. Like our builder partners, Custom Concrete’s goal is to create a space that fits the needs and lifestyle of the home owner by pouring a foundation for their dream to take shape upon and come to life.

Custom home foundations are not two-dimensional like the print. They are three-dimensional, placed on a three-dimensional lot, which makes understanding the land and its elevation a crucial component of any project. It’s imperative to evaluate and thoroughly understand the unique elevation, natural drainage flow, and soil composition for the home site before getting started.

As a trusted advisor, Custom Concrete team members spend a considerable amount of time surveying the land and asking all the right questions to make sure the job is done right the first time. The old saying “measure twice and cut once” rings true for the team. You could say it’s something they’ve become experts at doing with a customer care team who has a combined total of over 250 years of experience in custom home foundations.

“You only get one shot at pouring a foundation,” Darin Hackman, VP of Residential Construction, said. “We train our team on what to look for, what to ask, and how to confirm the details before our crew every arrives at the job site. There are some aspects you have to see in person to confirm and others that require information from the builder or home owner. We make sure all our bases are covered before any earth is moved.”

It’s not all blue prints and shovels, either. Thanks to advances in technology, builders as well as their partners can do better work more efficiently for customers. Custom Concrete invests in the latest advances in technology for CAD, or computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) software, to assist in the development of 2D and 3D renderings of projects. In addition to the software used in the office to develop the plan, Custom Concrete also invests in the latest equipment used onsite from excavation, footings and walls to waterproofing, drainage tile installation, pouring the concrete floor and even backfilling around the foundation of the home. This helps to ensure a more efficient and effective process, providing the best foundation possible.

The value of the work can be seen years after the custom home is finished, long after the Custom Concrete trucks have left the address.

“We’ve played a role in the development of our community,” said Custom Concrete Senior Vice President Jason Ells. “It’s a good feeling to know our work helps provide members of the community with homes. Driving by, you have to smile. We helped build that house. It provides all of us with a real sense of accomplishment and pride.”

Custom Concrete’s commitment to its work, a job well done, and the community is visible with every job completed. To learn more about custom home foundations, visit to learn more.