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Our services include:

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Free, high quality estimate that will accurately forecast the cost of the project, clarify expectations and minimize unwelcome surprises at the end of the job.
By listening and developing a clear understanding of the project requirements and the customers’ expectations, we offer solutions and value-added options to minimize cost and maximize your experience.
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Our detailed layout process and system consistently obtains accurate layouts for all jobs. This system minimizes costly mistakes, downtime and boosts your satisfaction.
The Layout Department stakes the entire job following excavation to ensure it is ready for the footing crew to pour the footings. Once poured, the layout crews will return to the job and pin the points again for the wall crews. The wall crews are responsible for checking measurements and some overall diagonals to ensure the job’s accuracy before and after they pour. The job information is stored in the data collectors so it is easiy recalled eliminating the need to return to the office.
[av_toggle title=’CAD Print Development‘ tags=”]
To achieve high quality and control your costs – we utilize CustomCAD™.  Developed specifically for the poured wall industry, this design, estimating & layout software improves accuracy, communication and customer satisfaction. This technology has improved the efficiency and accuracy of our products.
How it works.
By importing a builder’s AutoCAD prints or tracing a paper print, we create a foundation plan with the necessary voids and additions quickly and easily. We then utilize the power of CustomCAD™ to turn this data into clean, easy to understand prints and outputs for our field crews. The software’s 3D views aid in communicating to our customers and crews the details of even the most complex foundations.
[av_toggle title=’Excavation‘ tags=”]
Excavation is the first step in most projects. Our crews are equipped with the right tools and expert knowledge to get the job done on time and in specification.
We manage resources effectively with minimal waste. And have an extensive fleet of equipment. We go to great effort to care for this equipment and provide our crews with the tools they need, when they need them, in good working order.
[av_toggle title=’Dirt Hauling‘ tags=”]
Dirt Hauling is not always necessary; however when there is more dirt than what can be graded or stock piled on the building site, we can load and haul away the extra.
In need of clean fill dirt? Let us know. We may just have a load or two to spare.
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Once the foundation walls are poured, the overdig needs to be backfilled. Backfill, however, is more than pushing dirt into the overdig. It consists of placing an appropriate amount of gravel (10-14 in.) over the tile for drainage. Leftover spoils are then placed into the overdig to complete this task. Sometimes the overdigs are filled entirely with gravel – to reduce settling in areas such as patios, porches and driveways.
[av_toggle title=’Rough Grade‘ tags=”]
A Rough Grade typically occurs towards the end of a project around the time that the exterior slabs are to be installed. During this task, the dirt is then leveled and graded in preparation for the final grade while taking into consideration the building walkway, driveway, adjoining properties, and drainage. Although the yard is not quite ready for seed or sod, proper drainage is established during this crucial step.
[av_toggle title=’Concrete Footings‘ tags=”]
Custom Concrete has implemented tools and processes that enable our Footings department to predict and manage the variables involved in pouring footings to ensure our crews complete these jobs in a timely manner. The Footings department works closely with our layout and dispatch departments, allowing them to review jobs that have been pinned and request inspections in areas that require 24- or 48-hour advance notice without delaying the job.
[av_toggle title=’Concrete Walls‘ tags=”]
Pouring a level, true and plumb, cast-in-place concrete wall requires precision and accuracy. Nearly 50 years of experience has taught us the “best known way” to prep, set and pour walls. We’ve turned this experience and the resulting expertise into standard operating procedures that allow us to consistently provide our customers with precise, accurate and well-formed walls.
[av_toggle title=’Waterproofing‘ tags=”]
Custom Concrete uses a water-based asphalt that is sprayed onto the outside of the basement walls providing a waterproof membrane. We then cover this with drainage board that serves to protect this membrane and also provides added insulation to the basement.
While many companies have begun using spray wands, we’ve chosen to continue using a spray gun that requires our crews to physically climb down into the basement hole to apply the membrane. This process is a little slower and more difficult than using wands, but we feel it offers better coverage and is more effective. We are so confident in the process that our waterproofing system provides our customers a 20-year warranty free of charge.
[av_toggle title=’Materials Placement / Concrete Pumping‘ tags=”]
Not all projects have adequate access for placing concrete directly from a concrete truck. By using concrete pumps, we are able to pour these projects while maintaining a reputable level of efficiency and material quality.
Another value-added component of concrete pumping and conveying is the minimal damage to the job site while placing concrete. Eliminating the need for concrete trucks to drive around the job site reduces the amount of mud drug onto the street, lessening costly street cleaning or erosion control fines. Having many of the same benefits as the concrete pump, our conveyor trucks can also be used to place granular fill, sand and pulverized soil.
[av_toggle title=’Tile & Gravel ‘ tags=”]
While quality waterproofing is an essential part of the drainage system in a basement, it’s only one part. Drainage board and granular fill in the overdigs, forces water to the footing level.
By providing a minimum of eight inches of granular fill and a row of four-inch perforated tile on each side of the footing, water easily travels to the sump pit or gravity drain where it is then removed from the foundation. Also, the granular fill serves as a barrier covering the tile and reducing the chances of concrete damaging or covering the tile when the walls are poured.