Our Story

In 1969, Joe Carr founded Custom Concrete. Through his vision and values, Custom Concrete provides its employees, customers, partners, and community with a foundation for quality – whether it’s a quality career, project, or lifestyle.

From the smallest room addition to the largest warehouse, our seasoned experts at Custom Concrete are ready to take on your next project. Our team works diligently to provide you with a quality start to finish foundation package, meaning our team assists you with every step in between consultation through backfill.

Built on A Solid Foundation

Heritage & History

From the beginning, our story has been rooted in faith, grit, and a people-first mentality. Our values build our legacy.

Why. What. How.

We are your concrete solution experts specializing in residential, commercial, multifamily, and room addition construction foundations. Builders, contractors, and homeowners have grown to depend on Custom Concrete’s expertise because so much depends on getting it right.




Engage With Us:

Engage With Us:

Comment below if you know the difference between concrete and cement. #concreteconstruction #indianaconcrete #concrete

Introducing ‘The Spillway,’ our latest project with 20 tons of rebar and 370 yards of concrete, blending innovation and sustainability. Our team works hard to provide a quality result, regardless of the size or scope of work! #concrete #construction #aerialviews #indianapolis #customconcrete

A good foundation pour + a beautiful sunset = chef's kiss
The best way to end the week!

It's time to celebrate another one of our Tenure recipients...Cindy Jones! 🙌 
Cindy is consistently showing excellence and reliability. We thank her for her service and look forward to seeing what the future holds for her at Custom Concrete.

In the U.S. there are approximately 123 suicides per day that breaks down to one death every 12 minutes. 
Together, we can break down the stigma surrounding mental health and make our industry a safer and more compassionate place to work.👏 Let's build a stronger foundation for the unseen hardships 💙 
Register and help stamp out the stigma today: https://bit.ly/3QjOahp  #CSPW2023 #MentalHealthMatters #SuicidePrevention #BreakTheStigma

Next up on our list of Tenure recipients is Jose Amador!🎊 Jose brings a wealth of industry knowledge combined with an unmatched passion for the job. 
Jose, thank you for your dedication over the past ten years!

Embracing Infinite Possibilities! ♾️ 
Our commercial team, alongside our valued partners, crafted a 135,000 sq ft slab with 3,400 cubic yards of concrete over 6 days! 💪🏼 To read more visit https://customconcrete.com/extended-joint-slab-redefining-commercial-concrete/ 
#commercialconstruction #indianapolis #concrete #warehouse

Amidst intricate supply chain issues, our team endeavored to establish a partnership with our clients, collectively conquering these challenges. 💪
Amidst the uncharted territories of 2020 and subsequent years, we united our efforts to discover solutions that empower our customers to address other obstacles. 🤝
#SupplyChainSuccess #CustomerJourney #TogetherWeThrive #InnovativeSolutions #PartnershipMatters

Our Tenure Awards were a success!🎉 We would love to celebrate each of our recipients for this year, starting with Tyler Kingdon.🏆 Watch the video to learn more about Tyler and his outstanding work over the past ten years.

And that’s a wrap! ✅ Our team is wrapping up our anaerobic digester project in Ohio! Through collaboration with Wagler & Associates, we were able to successfully finish this structural work of art while expanding our expertise. 🤝

Memories made on the green! ⛳️ Thanks @indybuilders for another great golf outing!

Introducing, Luke.👋 Luke is a Senior Superintendent for our commercial team.🏬 
He provides unmatched expertise and knowledge to our commercial clients, while bringing enthusiasm to every job site!
Please join us in celebrating Luke's hard work!👏

🎆 Happy 4th of July 🎆 
Today, as we celebrate the land of the free and the home of the brave, we are reminded of the strength and resilience that built this great nation. Just like the solid foundation that concrete provides, we take pride in being a part of America's growth.
Wishing you a safe and joyful Independence Day! 🗽🎉
#Happy4th #CCGotGrit #IndependenceDay #USA #LandOfTheFree #HomeOfTheBrave #July4th #StrongAsConcrete

Proud to share our recent collaboration with Habitat for Humanity! 🤝🌍 Together, we embarked on a meaningful service project aimed at improving lives and building a brighter future for our community. 💪
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Habitat for Humanity for their unwavering dedication and compassion. Together, we can continue making a difference, one home at a time. 🏡 
Join us in building a brighter future for all! 🌍💙 https://www.habitat.org/

How would you describe Custom Concrete? 
Todd Pyatt's answer: a high-character company. Hear how Custom Concrete's culture has integrated with the Pyatt Builders' team to create a united partnership. 🤝

Proudly unveiling our latest project! 🌟  Check out this unique job, featuring 19 arches completed through a monolithic pour. 🙌