50 Hot Indiana Jobs

Have you seen the hot Indiana jobs list? It’s an intriguing list indeed – a mix of degreed positions and those that require only certifications or hands-on job training.

If you explored my first installment in this new blog series, I think it’s important for me to first clarify that I am not anti-postsecondary education. In fact, I want my doctor to have the best education in biology and chemistry. I want to know they have passed the MCAT, attend the best medical school, completed residency training, and secured their license. I want to know that my lawyer has completed law school and passed the bar exam. These are honorable professions, and they require great educational commitments from those that seek them as careers, but these sort of careers are not the current in-demand jobs waiting to be filled by our graduates.

Many of the jobs that abound right now and are projected to still be in demand through 2022 are skill-based positions – from construction to plumbers to advanced manufacturing.  These jobs are often viewed as “fallback” jobs by many in our society. I think that’s unfortunate. We all need to open our eyes and see these jobs for what they really are – opportunities. Opportunities for individuals to learn a marketable skill, provide for a family and eventually pass on a legacy to the next generation.

We don’t need individuals with a doctorate degrees hanging on their walls building our cars, homes or gadgets. We wouldn’t be able to afford those items, if that were the case. We need well trained and certified individuals, who have honed their craft through training and continually working to improve their abilities. Experts in their field, who enjoy what they do and aspire to master their craft. I believe this is the heart of American ingenuity, and I think it is still very much alive and well in America. It just needs to be nurtured a bit in our youth and highlighted as a career path option and an opportunity for personal fulfillment and success.

Let’s take a closer look at the Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs.  Fifteen require only a high school diploma, hands-on training and/or certification- from truck drivers to plumbers to electricians to sales representatives. All well-paying jobs that do not require a four-year degree with mountains of loan debt.  Nine of the Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs are within the skilled trade industry with earning potential ranging from $38,000 to $76,000! Additionally, it’s a breath of fresh air that so many companies are seeing the benefit of offering on on-the-job training for employees willing to roll up their sleeves and dive in.

Let’s do the next generations a huge favor and bring to light ALL the career paths that abound, not just the ones centered on successful completion of a four-year degree. Why not start with showing our students the Hoosier Hot 50 Job List and noting these are the in demand jobs of today and tomorrow?

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