In the ever-evolving landscape of commercial construction, innovation stands as a cornerstone, shaping the industry and meeting the diverse needs of clients. Custom Concrete takes pride in its unwavering commitment to excellence, a dedication recently recognized by the Indiana Ready Mixed Association Award for Innovation. This accolade underscores our focus on client satisfaction and collaborative endeavors with industry leaders and clients alike. In this blog post, we explore the intricacies of our award-winning commercial-wide joint project, pushing the boundaries of concrete construction in Indiana. We are thrilled to share a special project that takes concrete to new heights, defies conventional limitations, and embraces the concept of infinite possibilities. Our commercial team completed a unique slab, in Whiteland Indiana, and it is not your typical commercial slab.

This unique project spanned an impressive 135,000 square feet (approximately half the area of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool) and required a staggering 3,400 cubic yards of concrete (equivalent to the volume of an Olympic-size swimming pool). The warehouse project showcased the seamless collaboration between our commercial team and esteemed industry partners, such as GDI, American Structure Point, Shelby Materials, Helix Steel, Specification Products, and CRT Consulting.

Meticulous planning and the team’s precision were evident as large placement pours were completed over six days. At the core of this extraordinary project lies its strength, highlighted by a wide joint spacing of 108 feet, strategically designed to reduce maintenance costs. Reinforcing these 108-foot squares involved 102,000 pounds of zinc-coated micro rebar. Internal curing of the floor using nano-silica admixture further contributed to the slab’s unparalleled strength and resilience, demonstrating our commitment to durability and longevity.

The IRMCA Award for Innovation serves as a source of pride and validation for our team. As we celebrate this accolade, we express gratitude to our esteemed partners, pivotal in completing this project, and eagerly anticipate crafting more groundbreaking solutions.

To read more about Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association, please visit IRCMA’s webpage. To view the highlight video captured at the IRMCA awards ceremony, visit  2024 IRMCA Award Video.