Our Promises on Safety

Our Promises on Safety

In an industry such as ours, accidents are an unfortunate risk of the job. However, there are many ways to minimize damage and injury from workplace accidents, and we at Custom Concrete are dedicated to doing just that. We take the safety of our employees seriously, and it shows. The commitment we make to a safe work environment, along with implementing safety best practices, means we’re able to offer our employees and our customers the very best—the best place to work, the best quality craftsmanship, the best value, and the best employer culture.

This dedication to safety means we can attract the best talent, which ensures our customers receive the best work, service, and quality. To fulfill this commitment, we make the following promises:

We Don’t Cut Corners

The time it takes to get the job done is the time it takes to get the job done right. We don’t rush quality and we certainly don’t rush safety. Our employees share our meticulous attention to detail and they know they won’t face negative repercussions for spending time to make sure a worksite and all its related functions are safe.

We See Beyond the Bottom Line

Successful businesses make money but not at the expense of their employees. We will never sacrifice the safety of our staff and crews to make a quick buck. That’s because we understand that safe work environments that meet regulations are not only better for employees, they are, in the long run, far more efficient. Fewer accidents means less time off, higher productivity, and better focus. For our customers, that equates to projects completed on time and a more satisfactory finished product.

We Empower Our People

Some workplaces want to write up employees for every safety infringement, which can result in frustration, resentment, and ultimately, inattention to safety concerns. At Custom Concrete, we work together with supervisors and employees to ensure everyone feels comfortable, knowledgeable, and prepared to handle unsafe situations. We don’t dole out punishments; instead, we ask employees to work together to help one another strive for excellence in safety.

We Stay Vigilant

We are constantly monitoring our worksites for potential safety issues. Risk management is a significant part of our commitment to safety, and we do not take it lightly. Recently, our employees were preparing to begin work on a steep grade that presented numerous hazards. After analysis of the situation, it was determined too dangerous to continue. Before any project, we look for issues like power lines, hazardous environments, and other potential safety risks. Bottom line: if it isn’t safe, it isn’t for us.

There are numerous regulations in place that ensure we meet local, regional, and federal safety standards. However, it is our goal to exceed expectations and provide a workplace that is run efficiently, inspected thoroughly, and is welcoming and reassuring to both employees and customers. We welcome feedback from our staff and our customers regarding safety, and we will happily answer any questions.

If you have ideas or concerns to share, please feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Form.