The Foundation for Quality Custom Homes

Custom home builders offer home owners a one-of-a-kind residence, from taller ceilings to larger rooms. And, for decades, Custom Concrete has worked alongside custom home builders throughout central Indiana to make dreams and blueprints come to life. Like our builder partners, Custom Concrete’s goal is to create a space that fits the needs and lifestyle of the home owner by pouring a foundation for their dream to take shape upon and come to life….

Wilshaw Project

Usually during the month of May in Indiana, people make their way to the world-famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway to enjoy the month’s festivities (including the greatest spectacle in racing). And while the rest of the world looked to Indiana for the 102nd running of the Indianapolis 500, Custom Concrete has been busy at work with a new project right across the street from the iconic raceway for 4 months…

CFA Certified Foundation Contractor plaque

First Certified Foundation Company in Indiana

Custom Concrete has achieved the national status of Certified Foundation Contractor. Having successfully completed the rigorous requirements of the Concrete Foundations Association of North America’s (CFA) cast-in-place Concrete Foundation Contractor Certification Program, we are the first in Indiana to be elevated to this CFA distinction…

Home-a-rama 2016

BAGI Home-a-Rama

The Custom Concrete team is pleased to have a bit of ourselves in five of the 2016 BAGI Home-a-Rama homes at Chatham Hills in Westfield, Indiana. The public is invited to tour all eleven showcase homes, but we hope you pay special attention to the custom craftsmanship within these five, including signature Custom Concrete foundations, basements, garage slabs and exterior work…


[In the News] The Shift to Multi-Family Real Estate

Did you know multi-family real estate is one the fastest-growing sectors in the country right now? In fact, investment hit a record $43 billion in the fourth quarter of 2015, and multi-family units now account for more than one-third of all new housing.

Shifting lifestyles in the U.S. have sent demand for rentals through the roof. America’s rental population is expected to grow by 4.2 million people between 2015 and 2025, according to a recent Harvard study…

Concrete Wall Pour

The Science of Concrete

While concrete has been around for thousands of years – the building material of choice for ancient Egyptians and Romans – the quest to make concrete stronger, more resilient and longer lasting continues…

Multi-Familt Housing

It’s Not Your Dad’s Apartment

Upscale, multi-family housing has grown into a hot commodity in Central Indiana, and Custom Concrete’s commercial division has been busy meeting the needs of demand.

According to DTZ (formerly Cassidy Turley), the Indianapolis multi-family market registered 405 units of net absorption during the first quarter of 2015, an increase of 63% over the prior year’s first-quarter absorption tally of 246 units. That figures into more than five years of uninterrupted occupancy gains in Central Indiana…

Commercial Screed Slab Pour, IMI, truck pour

Commercial Slab Projects

Those in the business of concrete know the importance of a flat and level slab. Especially in industrial warehouse settings, where unmanned forklifts rule the floor and goods may be stacked on shelves 20 feet or higher, flatness and level specifications are a key indicator of project success.

But other businesses are catching on. Flatter and more level floors have been shown to be lower maintenance and provide an improved operational surface for many types of businesses. As a result, the demand for flatter floors is being seen in many different types of projects, from warehouses to retail store operations…

custom concrete commercial construction slab

Custom Concrete | Commercial Market

For more than 50 years, Custom Concrete has been exceeding the expectations of its customers by creating top-quality, reliable foundations and forming solid professional relationships through our attentiveness and punctuality. In recent years, we’ve taken those high standards of quality, skilled employees and specialized equipment, to the commercial market. In the past 24 months, Custom Concrete has employed a Team with more than 100-plus years of combined service that specialize in numerous areas of commercial projects.  We have completed a number of large-scale distribution facilities that total more than 1.4 million square feet and currently have more than one million square feet in current projects…

Basement Foundation Waterproofing

Healthy Concrete

Every now and then, we receive a rather frantic call from a customer who has discovered a small crack in their basement floor or a drip of water running down the basement wall. Ninety-nine percent of the time, we are able to assure them this is nothing with which they need to be concerned. Everyone together now: Whew! A few, small shrinkage cracks in both walls and slab concrete are normal and even expected. We advise homeowners to monitor them just to make sure they are not getting wider or leaking…