Happy Anniversary

Celebrating Our Employees

As an Indianapolis concrete contractor, we are pleased to be celebrating several Custom Concrete team members with milestone anniversaries…

Jobs IT Professional

Seeking Systems Engineer to Join Custom Concrete Team

We are currently seeking a motivated and experienced IT professional with the drive and initiative to join our organization and hit the ground running.  As the Software/Systems Engineer at Custom Concrete you will be performing functions of three IT roles: developer, systems administrator, and internal IT support…

Custom Concrete Founder Joe Carr at Open Doors Project

Skilled Trade Jobs

Today’s installment is indeed about a hot topic – myths around skilled trade jobs. It’s a subject I’m passionate about.

I strongly believe that attending a four-year college isn’t the only path to success for our young adults. A career in a skilled trade can be just as rewarding in terms of personal happiness and financial reward, but who’s sharing that fact with our middle school and high school students these days? Not many are, and often not even guidance counselors or parents. The next generation of workers’ career path hinges on the advice they receive or don’t receive in high school.  While Mike Rowe is doing a stand-up job, more of us could be spreading the word and opening eyes to the fact that there are more opportunities out there than 4+ years of college debt and a desk job…