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It’s no secret that we love quality concrete. We’ve been building solid Central Indiana concrete foundations for nearly 50 years.

So what is it we love so much about concrete?

Oh let us count the ways!

It’s versatile, has great structural strength and interesting architectural details to name a few. Can you imagine a world without concrete? No flatwork, no sidewalks. The infrastructure of a city would certainly look different.

Over the course of the next few months, we’d like you to #ShowUsYourConcrete on social. Send us a picture on Facebook or tag us on Twitter or Instagram @IndyFoundations and show us what elements you love and what you find exciting and unique about concrete! Anything from foundations and flatwork to architectural elements and the basics like sidewalks. Are we in your neighborhood? Send us a #SpotATruck picture too.


New Year, New You


Employee Dave Abbitt Wins “New Year, New You” Wellness Contest

The Custom Concrete team is pleased to announce Dave Abbitt as the overall winner of our “New Year, New You” wellness contest. As part of our corporate wellness strategy and in partnership with our employee benefits firm, American Health & Wellness Group (AHW), we launched a fun and innovative 12 week wellness program in January called “New Year, New You”.

All of Custom Concrete got involved with actively working on well-being and healthy living accountablity. The program allowed all of us to take small steps toward healthIER living one day at a time over a 12 week period. We worked on things like hydration, 30 minutes of daily activity, trying new fruits and vegetables, the right amount of sleep, handling stress better and a few personal goals as well. It was fun to see everyones’ progress and learn new ways to engage in our own health journey.

To make the program extra fun, AHW added a contest element, where employees could get points toward winning a grand prize at the end of the 12 weeks. All we had to do was challenge ourselves in new healthful ways, create new healthy habits, engage on social and share our journey with our co-workers.

We are so proud of all of you and your healthIER choices over the 12 weeks!  Kudos to everyone and keep up the good work! Congrats to Dave Abbitt for rocking the 12 weeks and being our big winner!

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