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Winter Impacts Custom Concrete

Unless you were lucky enough to stay in say Florida or Hawaii for the winter, then you know this year’s Indiana winter has not been kind. This winter is among those in the record books with its brutal cold and seemingly endless snowfalls. The winter of 2013-2014 has had a major impact on the community as a whole compared to winters past.

Likewise, Custom Concrete and its production times have been impacted by the harshness of this winter season. Even with our winter concrete mix for slab work, temperatures must be at least 20 degrees and maintain 20 degrees or higher for a minimum of a six hour period. Safety is a priority at Custom Concrete. When road conditions are hazardous due to ice and blowing and drifting snow it is in the best interest of everyone to stay off the roads, be safe, and allow INDOT and DPW time to clear the roads. With the added risk of frost bite and hypothermia in a very short time, it has been imperative that our workers remain indoors for everyone’s well being…