Quality Basements

A Quality Basement Provides Additional Living Space

A basement can provide your family with the extra living space you need. Space for a home theater, office, game and workout rooms, extra bedrooms or an apartment.

  • Cost Effective Square Footage. Double the livable square footage of a single-story home, or add 50% more space to a two-story home – at a fraction of the cost of an upper level living space.
  • Safety and Security. A warm, dry and well constructed concrete basement can provide your family with a safe haven from tornadoes, wind storms and of course concrete walls won’t burn or rot.
  • Storage and Utilities. Free up living space by adding a warm, dry basement for storage. Locate heating, plumbing, electrical, gas and other services in your basement for easy accessibility.

Excavation: The Important First Production Step


Excavation. The Important First Production Step During Concrete Construction

With many of Custom Concrete’s customer projects, excavation is the first step. Because of this, we believe that our crews need to be well equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure their work meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations.
Our Approach

Well Trained Crews

We have processes in place that ensure our crews are always provided with the necessary information for the job they are performing. We also continually provide crew training in multiple areas, including equipment, safety, organizational procedures, prep for the crews that will follow them on the site and of course customer expectations.
Equipped to Succeed

Custom Concrete takes great pride in managing our resources effectively with minimal waste. The fleet of equipment required to serve our customers is extensive. We go to great effort to care for this equipment and provide our crews with the tools they need, when they need them, in good working order.

Customer Service

Service Department

The focal point of Custom Concrete’s Service department is to provide quality professional service to our customers, in a timely manner.

By having a team dedicated to repairs and added items we can more quickly address your needs, alleviating wait time and miscommunication. It also allows us to keep our crews working on new foundations for our customers instead of splitting their time between larger projects and smaller repair projects.
Focused on Two Primary Areas of Customer Service

Waterproofing Issues / Crack Injection

Although it’s sometimes difficult to identify the source of these issues, we have a team of specialists in this area who know the importance of addressing these issues quickly. Restoring a dry basement and peace of mind.
Concrete Cutting / Coring

We have a highly experienced team ready to service a variety of concrete issues such as wall or slab cutting & saw joints. We can also add additional anchor bolts and core sleeves for utility lines.